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11251 NW 20th Street, Suite 108 Doral, FL | (305) 776-5802 (305) 677-0256
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Wedding Date: 1/1/0001
Overall very satisfied, professional service    posted 8/11/2013

Our wedding wasnt the easiest to plan. They were very accommodating and understood our issues and were patient with us. The food was excellent as was the service. It did go a little above our budget but that was mostly our fault as we were undecided on a few things and added them last minute. I would recommend them and have no reason not to.

Wedding Date: 4/1/2013
BAD! would not recommend    posted 8/8/2013

Worst decision from my entire wedding,
When we chose them, the first few months they were great, they were helpful and had a lot of ideas, great! We thought it was the best choice we made.
Then, few months before the wedding, everything went downhill.
They couldn't find my information, didn't remember the planner/estimator they made for me didn't remember the wedding date and stopped responding to emails. But... when they needed their money they called 3 times that same day... mind you I was working and not able to answer their calls or email, they even have the nerve to call me at 1am asking for the money.... and it's not like we weren't going to pay.. But according to their original contract we didn't have to pay them until a day before the wedding, it was Monday... (My wedding Saturday) and they wanted their money...
Then when I kept reminding them about the time-line that THEY provided ME, finally got things in motion, (I hired them to be reminding me of the time frame not the other way around)
So…we tasted their food, it was very nice, good presentation and I thought for the price, not bad at all.
But before the taste trial they ask you to email them what you want to taste, I did that.
But the day of the tasting they couldn't remember what I had chosen and gave me other food I did not ask for, we had to come in another day to taste the missing food. However, as I said the food didn't taste bad, was cold, but still tasty.
However... during the wedding day... NOTHING like what they gave us during their tasting trial. The food was cold, hard, tasteless, tasted like it was days old and nothing like we were promised. No refund either; they felt their food was fine. And by the end of the wedding we were expecting to have left over food (as we paid for it) when we go check how much food was left, they took all left over with them... we had at least 4 trays of food left... we paid for that...they couldn't even ask if we wanted it before taking it?
A few weeks before the wedding, they couldn't remember the cake design I wanted, when I had provided them a copy of my design months in advance, unfortunately my phone's memory erased and I was not able to provide them the picture again, but they said, "don't worry, we got it"...NOT... the day of the wedding my cake looked NOTHING like we had wanted!.
They also say they will contact you as they need to see the venue beforehand so they can coordinate how to decorate, that was also a terrible mess, we paid them extra to do a special pillar wrap design, they showed us beautiful pictures on how it would look, wedding day came and it looked like they just threw a rag over the pillars and tied it together...
Also they were late during the set up, and despite having ample time to plan how they would set up they still manage to mess things up. They were missing table cloths and chair designs, they actually had to go back to their store and get the missing items. They arrived to the venue from their second trip at the same time my husband and I were arriving from the ceremony... their truck was literally right behind our rented car....
Now what really upset me and my husband... was that during the wedding they stole from our wedding!!!! They were caught red-handed, in the act and kept denying it.
We had such beautiful hand crafted wedding favors, and decorations that took a year to collect, make and find... and here they were taking them!!! We approach their boss and he was so rude about


Results 1 - 2 of 2
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